‘A-List New York’ Season 3 Renewal On Bubble Mike Ruiz Not Returning

Logo has been keeping quiet about the return of their answer to Bravo’s successful ‘Housewives‘ series ‘The A-List New York‘, ropa interior calvin klein and the castmembers have been claiming to be just as in the dark. Sadly, the voice of reason of the bunch, Mike Ruiz, won’t be returning to the show, and after seeing the reunion shows, I couldn’t blame him. It seemed more like the cast penalizes him for not getting sucked into all their needless drama, but Ruiz being over fourty has been through it all so he knows which battles to choose.

Cast member Derek Saathoff had this to say, “I know Mike will continue to do amazing things and I am very happy for him. I don’t think my cast mates or I will be effected by his choice of not returning to the A List NY should there be a 3rd season.” Derek also says he doesn’t know if he’d return for a third season, but I think most of us know the answer to that one.


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