2 thoughts on “Ep. 210 | ‘Ultimate Betrayal at the Boardwalk’

  1. Derek,

    I agree with you half way. You have said your relationship with Austin is totally yours. However, you are also a reality star. You put your life on display. You are such an amazing guy that has so much to offer the world. I just think you need to see Austin for what he is. People adore you….he does not. Soryy to say that. HonestlyDerek do you think it takes so many texts over a weekend to tell your “Best Friend” to uninvite someone? It would take one text for ,e to do it! Love you Boo…really do!!!


    • I dont agree…i believe austin does really care about derek…he would never go out of his way to deliberately hurt him…many of us could see how it was really hurting austin thru many episodes where they weren’t really speaking beyond a hello or small talk, and austin really wanted to make up, especially at God’s Love (that was hard on many of us, too, to watch!)….i have to agree, i probably also would have uninvited duncan right away if i was asked to, even if i might have wondered why….but austin has admitted/come to realize that he has made some mistakes, and has been trying to make up for it, as we’ve seen… everyone is different and everyone’s relationships/friendships are different…we dont always know why people do what they do, what theyre thinking at that moment…no one is perfect in this world…im sure derek would also admit that he might have said/done things he regretted, too…no one is perfect…the bottom line: both derek and austin are caring people and have big hearts and have a lot to offer the world….and they do love each other, and are working on repairing their friendship, according to derek….good l uck to both of you! i hope u get back to the perfect bff’s u were born to be 🙂 i luv ya both, and am happy to hear you’ll be making appearances together soon! hope to see u both in boston! xoxox