Hi All!
So I have lived in LA for one week… I’ve learned so much but yet so little

I have driven 120 miles in a week and I have calzoncillos calvin klein baratos gone 4 places.

Everyone says “I like New York because no one walks in LA”… Umm that can’t be true I have had to park avenues away from where I need to be a find myself walking in dark side streets (Not as fun as it sounds)

Kale is cool. If you eat Kale in California you are fucking Madonna.

Adrienne Maloof hates Brandi Glanville! Haha Trust she is not happy about Brandi being on that show!

Getting drunk is impossible as everyone has to drive. At dinner with 5 people the other night we all sat and discussed how many beverages we drank + when we were safe to drive home.

With the 3 hour time difference I feel like Im on a separate planet. Social media ruins everything and all the jokes are lost on me as I won’t see it for 3 hours.

Driving 3 miles takes 30 mins. *Better get ready I have to be someone in an hour and its 4 miles away (You do the math)

The sun is shining and its still freezing. My car tells me its 68 degrees but my body feels like 40 degrees? My house is freezing!!!

It may seem like I am bitching but truth be told I actually like it out here. Once I get settled Im sure to have more positive upbeat things to say I’m sure.
Anyhow happy monday! Much love


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