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CTC calls for rotation of health warnings on cigarette packs Tobacco control advocates at the global and national levels are looking forward to 2014, not only for enforcement of tobacco advertising guidelines but also for progress on long-pending interventions such as rotation of pictorial health warnings (PHWs) on cigarette packs and strict enforcement actions for compliance of laws. Reminding the government of its responsibilities, the Coalition for Tobacco Control-Pakistan (CTC-Pak) has called for rotation of PHWs on cigarette packs, which were supposed to have been done on a yearly basis. Pakistan is among the first 40 countries in the world to sign the WHO's Framework Convention on Tobacco Control, according to which a comprehensive ban on tobacco products should have been introduced by 2009. The last such important step taken by the government itself was introduction of PHWs on cigarette packs back in 2010 with an intention to rotate the warnings on a yearly basis with different pictures depicting the hazards associated with tobacco use. Sadly, just one year later, Pakistan became the only country in the world where PHWs are not being rotated. "Since January 2012 to date, we are waiting for the rotation to come into force but there is no progress. Hopefully, now, the issue of rotation will gain its deserved attention," the National Coordinator of CTC-Pak said while talking to this scribe. Appreciating the recent decisions of the meeting of the Committee on Tobacco Advertisements Guidelines (CTAG), CTC-Pak also appreciated the measures for improved compliance of tobacco controls laws that further restrict the advertisement of tobacco products in the print and electronic media. "The new tobacco advertising guidelines and warning to a cigarette manufacturing company by the Ministry of National Health Services, Regulations and Coordination will prove helpful for tobacco control in Pakistan," the CTC-Pak coordinator said. CTC-Pak, however, took serious exception to the presence of representatives of the tobacco industry in the CTAG meeting, on which account the World Health Organisation is reported to have abstained from the meeting. It is learnt that the WHO is also concerned over new tobacco advertisement guidelines being framed when such guidelines are already in place. "Although the government has started taking practical steps to fulfil its international commitments for tobacco control in Pakistan, the tobacco industry's delaying tactics have greatly pushed back the country in respect of compliance of FCTC," the CTC-Pak coordinator pointed out in conclusion.

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