Ep. 210 | ‘Ultimate Betrayal at the Boardwalk’

The group heads to Atlantic City to finish off the summer with one final party. But which one will the boys attend? Austin and Jake’s bachelor party or Nyasha’s singing debut? When Reichen, Derek and Ryan join Team Nyasha, Austin decides to confront the group about the rumors they’ve been spreading. Learn More

Blond & Backstage at the “A-List” Reunion

Nothing gold can stay. Ponyboy and Robert Frost both said so. And so goes Season 2 of “The A-List: New York” which wrapped up its regular season Monday night with the entire cast putting the bass in their [board]walk down in Atlantic City. As it all ended, Austin is mad at everybody, and that’s about it. And he blames Derek for spreading rumors that he and Jake (Austin’s hubby) cheated on each other. Learn More